Indecision Overcome

Well, I’ve finally done it and hey! it’s only taken me two, wait… no, more like three years to do it. I have my own blog! I’m fairly certain that most normal people won’t understand how someone could spend months agonizing over what their user name should be, but for those indecisive types out there like myself, I feel equally certain that you can relate to the paralysis that ensues when trying to create something like a personal blog. For God’s sake, there’s all these decisions that need to be made, one after another, such as user name, title name, subject headings, masthead, template design, etc., etc., all of which are going to be significant aspects now of the persona I show to the world. What do I want my brand to say?


~ by jenzai on July 21, 2007.

One Response to “Indecision Overcome”

  1. Does it help at all to know that all those things can be changed? Nothing is permanent, so if you end up feeling unhappy or disastisfied with a choice, it can be made again.

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