Charms are in the Mail!

A million and one blogging topics have come and gone in the last few weeks, but I swore that I would post some pictures of my “By the Sea” charms to this blog. I’ve got to start somewhere, right? These charms were created for a group that was born out of the 2007 Portland Art and Soul Retreat (I feel that should be linked, but if I take the time to figure out how to do that, I’ll never get the rest of this post written). Each participant makes a specified number of charms (the same number of charms as there are participants in the swap) and then mails them to the hostess by a specified date (in this case, today). The hostess then divies them up and sends each participant a collection of charms from everyone else. It’s like Christmas when that package comes! Taking into account the amount of other things I have going on right now, I had absolutely no business joining this swap, but I just couldn’t resist the fun of both making and receiving charms with a “By the Sea” theme! I’ll post pictures of the charms I receive once I get them, but until then, these are mine:

I made my charms by altering little dominoes. I used alcohol inks to color the flat, blank side of the domino, and then stamped a fish scale, bauble or spiral stamp onto that. For the side with the numbered holes, I finally resorted to gluing on the image of the octopus. I tried filling in the holes and transferring the image, but that didn’t work so well. Once both sides of the domino were finished, I embossed the edges with copper embossing powder (I tried copper tape on one of them, but didn’t like the result as much as the embossed edge). Then Patrick drilled holes in them all for me (in hind sight, it would have been better to do this step first) and then I applied diamond glaze to both sides.

The next step is the one I spent the most time on probably! For the longest time, I couldn’t decide what to do for a jump ring. I won’t go into all the details of how my insane mind works, but every solution seemed to have its own set of problems. I finally decided to use copper wire and bend it into a spiral that would be big enough to accommodate the width of the domino. After I had done several of these, I realized I needed to reinforce it somehow, and came up with the idea of wrapping smaller copper wire around the area where the spiral just barely overlapped. Then I came up with the idea to dangle another copper spiral from the first one, which means that the last 15 or so charms that I made are much more elaborate than the first ten. I hope that they all hold up all right!

Then of course there was the packaging to come up with, but I’ve been long–winded enough already. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post the octopus poem I wrapped each of the charms in. It’s really lovely.


~ by jenzai on April 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Charms are in the Mail!”

  1. “…and if I were an octopus/I’d thank you, Lord, for my good looks..”

  2. Jenny: this is just lovely. I’m really glad to see you in the blogosphere–but don’t get discouraged about the nagging necessity to post. It really doesn’t hurt to post only when you have something to say. Once the habit sets in, though, it becomes second nature–part of what you do. I look forward to seeing more inspiring projects.

  3. I love the charms and feel honored to have been in the witness chair while you worked and worried over them. Job well done! Brenda

  4. Those look awesome! ^ ^ Just listening to the process you go through to create these things makes them even cooler! I’m glad to see you’ve got a blog now! I’ll do my best to keep visiting.

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