By the Sea Charms Are Here!

I received my By the Sea charms on Thursday, after a really long day subbing for Georgia’s teacher at the co-op. I got home, collapsed on the couch and tore open the package they were in (no delayed gratification for me, thank you very much). It was so much fun to open each little bag and retrieve the treasure within! Each charm is so unique and so many of them are really beautiful. I was so enchanted with them that I actually got most of them onto a bracelet that night (such promptness is basically unprecedented for me). Not all the charms made it on to the bracelet, but I’m sure that I will find a special use for each one of them.

By the Sea Charm Bracelet

I photographed them with the tags they came with, as the tags were a treat in themselves. I’m hoping to get around to making a collage with them in my journal – if that actually happens I’ll post a photo.


~ by jenzai on April 27, 2008.

One Response to “By the Sea Charms Are Here!”

  1. I love being totally biased and saying, “Well, they’re all beautiful but the one I want to fondle is the little printed domino with the fish scales, how appealing I find that color combination, how I like that shape… You do such cool work!

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