Art Night

Karen and I had our first art night last night! We decided to do it at her house, since she has a studio space with a door that closes, and only one curious child as opposed to three. For our first go at this we decided to start with something non-project-y and familiar (and what we hoped would be less time consuming) and so we went with collage. Patrick has all these great little 9×9 canvases built just for that purpose and so I grabbed four of them (thank you sweetheart!), a couple of my favorite collaging images/supplies, and headed up to Karen’s house right after class. We got a late start, in part because I had to pore over all her wonderful supplies and the cool little books she’s been making, so we only got to work on one canvas apiece. (I suppose two was a little ambitious!) Here’s where I got with mine last night:
Lesson In Art
I’m not sure it’s finished; I think it needs a few more layers.

Karen’s collage was really beautiful. She used the Adirondak color wash sprays, which is what I’ve decided to ask for for Mother’s Day. They are so cool! I used liquid water colors in a Traci Bautista class at Art and Soul last year, but she only had the Crayola colors. I’m sure the Adirondak ones are two or three times more expensive, but oh, the colors!


~ by jenzai on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “Art Night”

  1. I love your collage. I think it’s great that you made time for art night.
    p.s. you’ve always liked elephants, right? i have a memory of a display of different ones in your room (during high school).

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