As of 10:21p.m. tonight,

little elle will be a whole whoppin’ two weeks old! How did that happen already? In honor of the event, I’m posting some snapshots (just ones we amateurs have taken – don’t expect the quality you’ve come to know and love from auntie Libby. In fact, don’t expect them all to even be in focus).

She’s just lovely, though, isn’t she? a little ruby gem.

Just look at that face

and I couldn’t resist

We had a lovely visit with our new favorite doctor this morning and he confirmed what I have suspected all along: she’s absolutely perfect.


~ by jenzai on September 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “As of 10:21p.m. tonight,”

  1. Yay for perfect Elli, and hotpink Fuzzibums! Speaking of cloth diapering, I had a dream last night about prefolds, which was really, really weird, because a) I’ve never actually diapered a baby, b) I don’t have a baby to diaper, and c) did I mention I’ve never diapered any babies, but especially the baby I DON’T HAVE.

    Pizza at 9 pm? Clearly a bad idea.

  2. I would guess that, even if you haven’t diapered a baby, you’ve probably done plenty of cleaning up after other people’s messes! You are teaching at the college level after all… (or am i just jaded from the two semester’s worth of stories I’ve heard from P so far?)

  3. Did I really not comment on this already? I love these pictures and think you’re both beautiful. And two weeks? Is a fine accomplishment for you both. Hoping you’re doing well, I am thinking of you.

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