one taco short

I got to go to my regular Saturday morning meeting today, and boy did I need it. I also needed coffee, and so I stopped at a Starbucks on my way there. I felt a little bad about stopping – after all, I had the baby with me and the media would have us believing that rain from hurricane Ike would carry us all away before the day was out. Besides I would be late if I stopped. I drove right past the first Starbucks but regretted my decision (we were out of milk at home, so this was my last chance unless I wanted to brave the grocery store, which I did not) and stopped at the second one. I’m so glad I did. The barristas went bananas over Elliiott, and I ran into a friend of mine there, which always makes me feel content, like I’m part of a community, and I got my coffee for free, which told me that the universe really meant for me to stop in the first place, that I deserved that coffee, damn it.

I really have no idea what this has to do with anything, but being postpartum is like that. I seem to have a difficult time connecting the dots. I’m grateful to Mara (may I call you Mara on my blog?) for capturing so perfectly the loneliness of being postpartum, the crazy mix of emotions, hormones and sleep deprivation. Maybe that’s why my brains feel so scrambled. Perhaps it’s mother nature’s way of protecting me from the full impact of the roller coaster of emotions I’m riding.


~ by jenzai on September 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “one taco short”

  1. Baby, anytime you want a good cup of joe, a shoulder to cry on, or a pit stop at crazyville you just give me a call

  2. My first thought was…oooh thats a nice photo…so shallow…but really, how many times can I suggest you all move here and I’ll babysit and you all can get a whole bag of tacos. Okay, try again Libby…you have beautiful children that are smart and funny and a house that feels small but is really comfy and fun to be in and a husband that not only loves you but really likes you (and a sister in law that thinks you are a great friend). Just in case you needed to hear some cold hard facts….

  3. Hey, I been one taco short of a fiesta meal for a loooong time; having all your tacos at once = terribly overrated.

  4. You do deserve coffee! You deserve medals and parades and big deals being made of you because what you’re doing is amazing and I am so glad there were enlightened baristas to recognize it. And, moreover, I am proud of you for recognizing that the universe thinks you deserve it. Those are the signs you are supposed to be paying attention to (can that coffee cup go in the baby book? or at least the beautiful photo of it?)

    Unrelated, but I don’t mind your using my name — it’s all over my blog and actually shows up in comments — I just used an initial for you I think because I hadn’t asked you if I could write about you and I never know who is trying to maintain a secret identity. But I promise never to write anything about you that would scare off a potential employer or potential date for my goddaughter!

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