Libby sent the girls a wonderful box of goodies last week. Scout scored big time with some fabulously cool outfits; Elle will soon be sporting a nifty little vintage jacket; and all the girls struck gold when they discovered two ziploc baggies FULL of high-end costume jewelry that Anna threw in for them. I knew I would find a use for this gilt gold tissue box I grabbed from a friend’s garage sale! Thanks Libby and Anna.


~ by jenzai on October 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Treasure!”

  1. Oh, the box is different and much prettier than I imagined. I’m glad it made you all smile!

  2. I’m supposed to be working, but I rewarded myself for updating Art & Design I slides this morning by spending a few minutes catching up with your blog. What a treat! The treasure box reminded me of when I first met my stepmother’s sister Kewpie. I was 16 when my father remarried, and Kewpie welcomed me to the family by giving me a box full of goodies–one for each year she hadn’t known me, to catch up with birthdays, There were oodles of costume jewelry bits. I’m going to have to start saving stuff like this for future use, so thanks for the post. And for keeping us up on how the little darlin’s doing.

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