Only 364 Days to Go

God, I love Halloween.


~ by jenzai on October 31, 2008.

7 Responses to “Only 364 Days to Go”

  1. These are wonderful! Aw, I miss you guys … (-:

  2. How do you live with that much cute? Love how the photos capture the drama, the energy, and how much you do love Halloween. We took no pictures, but I was totally cheap and forced the boys to dress up with stuff from the extensive costume collection we have in the basement… somehow we ended up with a wizard, a dragon, a ninja, and Little Red Riding Hood, that is, Xander with hair in pigtails’s like S.’s and a cape much like the one D. is wearing, little pink circles on his cheeks and bright red lips… and it was rather frightening what a pretty girl he can be.


    We had the girls rummage through the costume box, too, this year. I thought maybe we would try to hit some of the 75% off sales after Halloween for a fresh infusion; all of ours are looking pretty ragged.

    Daryl decided she was Little Red Riding Hood’s evil twin, completing her costume with a bottle of poison and a poisoned apple. Then she went from door to door chanting “Merry Christmas.”

  4. Possible faux pas alert. Waiting for SIM: The Musical to begin, this AM, I asked D what she was for Halloween…which she told me. I then told her that made sense, since I had seen her outfit on this here BLOG, which in turn produced a concerned or worried look on her face. I said, oh I guess you might not like being up on the BLOG, trying to cover my tracks…and she nodded her head in agreement and said, ‘all my Mom’s friends read it!’ The horror.

    Sorry for sticking my foot in my mouth.

  5. Hahaha! I’m laughing at Mara’s description of Xander, and more so at Jenny’s reaction here…. 😀

    The girls look adorable (of course)! Love Daryl’s dramatics, too. 😉 However are they growing soooo fast anyway??!?

  6. Oh, you are bringing the girls up right! X. wanted to wear pigtails again to school today like he’s determined to find the limits of my liberal open-mindedness, saying yes, he likes it when people get confused about his gender. I don’t _think_ he has any confusion at all about his gender, and I’m sure I’d love him no less if he did, but it was interesting to run into my own visceral response to it. Anyway, wish we had been able to go trick-or-treating with you.

  7. Wonderful!!!

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