A million things to say

… and nothing to say.

So instead I’ll share pictures of the beautiful package that awaited me when we got back home from Sioux Falls. My amazing friend Laurel put this together. Is she talented or what? We met a little over a year ago at Art & Soul in Portland (we collaborated on a project for our charmers group), and I had the privilege of spending a lovely evening with her in her home in LA last summer. Thank you so much!



It is good to be home.


~ by jenzai on January 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “A million things to say”

  1. I’m right there with you. On the million-things-to-say-and-no-words front. :o)

    For now, I’ll leave it at: HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your beautiful girls and your artist-man, and especially your amazing, wildly creative, generous-hearted self. May it bring you both new adventures and the quiet solace of peace.

  2. I’ve been in that boat for a long, long, long time! However, now I’ve got my blog scheduled to release at least something every four days for several months, so you need to take me off your “unblogger” list! Yes, you shamed me into action : )

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