Still searching

Until I’m over my blogging identity crisis, I guess I’ll just keep posting photos, starting with some of the pretties I couldn’t show you before Christmas. These are the napkin rings I made for the girls, each in their own special little box. That sounds silly I know – napkin rings? For kids? But if you heard the fights that erupt around our dinner table about who gets the little teapot napkin ring, you would understand. Besides, it was an excuse to solder, and to buy more beautifully patterned paper for making boxes. I must have folded more than fifty boxes for Christmas. They are kind of addicting. All those color/pattern combinations…




~ by jenzai on January 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Still searching”

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! I am jealous, however, because it must mean if you have napkin rings that your kids actually use napkins. Maybe it’s a girl thing – my daughter uses her – ahem – paper towel, but my nine year old son would rather wipe his hands and face on anything other than a napkin!
    Maybe if I got him a very special napkin that was made out of his favorite t-shirt sleeve, he would use that? hahaha!
    PS – the list of “possibly related posts” that are automatically generated are quite interesting…;o)

  2. hee hee! That is a good list. I may just have to check out SNL’s “Dick in a Box.” Now that would have been a blogworthy Christmas gift.

    As for the use of napkins in our house, well, just because we have napkins on the table doesn’t mean they get used. Or that when they are used that they get used appropriately. Georgia prefers to use her shirt to wipe her face, keeping her napkin in reserve for wiping things like spaghetti sauce off of her fork. There’s an awesome song from The Bottle Let Me Down CD that’s called “Don’t wipe your face on your shirt.” I’ll have to burn you a copy – it’s become a family favorite.

  3. Blog aphasia—the hottest new trend of 2009!

    These are lovely.

  4. What a terrific idea! We’ve used cloth napkins since my children were wee, and I sent both napkins and rings to my daughter-in-law for Yule (when I had dinner with them in Seattle a year ago, she had lovely dishes–and paper towels). But it never occurred to me to make the rings. So next year . . . Thanks so for the inspiration!

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