… re, a drop of golden sun


If I could collage a conversation (and all the non sequiturs in my head which were never spoken) , this is what it might look like.


~ by jenzai on January 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “… re, a drop of golden sun”

  1. Very cool!

  2. Thinking what a better/more beautiful world it’d be if everyone had to collage their conversations/non-sequiturs. Plus, I think you caught subtleties of the conversation I failed to. Have I told you how lucky I feel to have been in conversation with you this many years?

  3. Wow!!

  4. I wish I could type the look on my face, but emoticons fail me and I’m supposed to be some kind of trained writer (don’t try this at home! crack adjectives master): delighted, round-eyed, engrossed, drawn-in, and oooOooOooooOOOooo pretty colors and shapes and words woven in very much yes!

  5. STUNNING work!

  6. Your blog is excellent. Renee

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