Goodbye Mr. January

Your tenure as “boy of the month” can’t have been comfortable. I was puzzled by your appearance on the doorknob of my daughters’ bedroom door, and puzzled even more when you remained stationed there for the entire month of January. Once Georgia explained, however, I was more… well, scared. How long do I have before puberty hits our household? I’m sorry for all the times I knocked you flat on your face, for the several days your perch sat vacant while you lay hidden among the baby doll clothes, and so very sorry for the indignities you will surely suffer in the years to come…



~ by jenzai on January 31, 2009.

7 Responses to “Goodbye Mr. January”

  1. Great photo, he seems so gosh darn content doing the splits on the doorknob, maybe future indignities will be tolerated with equal good humor, but if the toy story senerio were true and dolls did come to life can you imagine the horror of the “Doctor” stories…”OMG she put it where?”

  2. Go Mr. January. GO. Few guys could pull off the white shoes (sans socks,) plaid shorts, white shirt and black cardigan. Let alone doing it with a door knob in your rump.

  3. I for one am not entirely convinced of the gender we’re all assigning to Mr. January. Because let’s face it, he’s pretty dang femmy, even for an emo boy. The sockless sneakers kind of clinch it for me….actually I think this guy is in my class this semester.

  4. But he has HAIR which is such an improvement on the shellacked coiffure of the Ken dolls of my childhood. I had assumed when I was at your house that he was simply assigned sentry duty of some sort. Also? It is hard not to imagine altered dolls in your future.

  5. Well my friends, stay tuned. I can’t wait until it’s time to unveil Miss. February…

  6. February 1 is HERE. We breathlessly turn the page…

  7. I have GOT to get the girls’ Christmas presents to them!

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