Remember me?

I could never keep a journal when I was young because whenever I took a break from writing, I always felt like I had to “catch up” on events whenever I went back to it, like the diary was going to be confused if I didn’t fill in all the intervening details between the last time I wrote and the present, only that could get rather tedious, especially when it had been months. I’m feeling a little bit like that now, but I have such limited time, I know it’s ridiculous to try to write a real blog entry. So here is what I did with the extra free time I got today on account of it being mother’s day. And just in time to make the deadline for getting them to the hostess for this text/wire swap…


I’m so pleased with how they turned out! Time consuming little buggers, though. I’ve actually been working on them in every spare moment I could find for the last two weeks. I just put the finishing touches on them today.

And here’s one special little guy that won’t ship out with the rest but who is going to a dear friend whom I’ve neglected terribly lately. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent and quiet… I do think about you every day.



~ by jenzai on May 10, 2009.

11 Responses to “Remember me?”

  1. Oh, these are all mythical looking! You did a brilliant job with incorporating the text and the top photo looks like a book cover (particularly the things take time one!)

    Thinking about the ‘catching up’ concept; I suppose all blogs have gaps of some sort, and in my own, I have learned to let go with the idea that those weren’t blogging days for whatever reason — so it’s not the job of the blog to cover the non-blogging days? It just seems like one of those invisible rules that you could trip over and tie yourself up with. But I love seeing what your hands have been busy wroughting.

  2. Lovely chubster lightning bugs! And well-read ones too….

    You still have a package comin’ to you, I haven’t forgotten. I just have life all over me right now…. :o)

  3. Ugh, I hate when my smileys are reinterpreted as graphics. I meant: :•}

  4. Oh these are so excellent! And the photography is really really nice. You know…they pay people to take photos of products…I’m just saying….

  5. hey, there you are. i keep checking and
    hoping. wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’…
    but that’s WAY before your time.
    glad to have any word from your corner.
    happy spring & all that

  6. Beautiful work! Quite unique.
    IMHO – Blog when you want, blog when you can – set your own rules about how to do it. I love coming in and getting snippets and sneak peeks of you, your family and your art work.

  7. i’m just amazed that you have time to blog and craft at all! i love these!

  8. These are beautiful!!! You’ve hidden them from me!! 😉 And I completely agree with Libby…. I am always amazed at how great your photos are. They always look professional, and really, that’s just not at all fair. ALl that talent in one family and all. 😛


  9. OK, I just want to say that I loOoove these. Mucho.

    And also, did you hammer the wire yourself? Do you have an anvil hidden in your garage somewhere? What did you use? 😉

  10. hope all’s well

  11. These are just gorgeous–I’m glad I finally stopped by after meaning to for a long time, but never quite getting around to actually doing. I also appreciate the comments on blog-lapses, having struggled with several of those recently. Glad to see you’re still doing wonderful things, even though you’ve got to be enormously busy. Happy summer, happy 4th!

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