I remember when I used to look forward to the summer as a time when I could finally catch up with friends and relax a little. Even up until last year I would catch myself saying to friends who wanted to get together “Well, maybe it will be easier to match up our schedules during summer.” Ha! Now I know better. Summer is insane and totally non-stop. It is daily trips to the community pool for swim lessons and carpooling lots of bigger kids to swim team. It is a never-ending cycle of applying sunscreen to children and showering off the chlorine. It is wet, soggy swim suits and towels hanging from every hook in the house. It is keeping track of snacks and water bottles and towels and goggles and making sure that everybody has what they need, and then being constantly vigilant that none of my children drown. It is trying to coordinate napping and feeding and nursing for young ones; play dates and sleep overs and movies and activities for older ones. This summer it is sanding the kitchen cabinets down to the wood, spackling holes, painting walls, re-grouting tile, repairing dormer windows, cutting back the prickly hedge that hasn’t been pruned since we moved in ten years ago and which was threatening to reach the roof line, and a hundred other little projects that have to be finished before we can put our house on the market. Mix in my addiction to, my daily devotion to P90X, and a little freelance design on the side and the result is zero time for blogging or much of anything else.

But I love it. I love our hot summers and living at the pool, I love my little projects and dreaming of the perfect house, and damn it, by the end of the summer I’m posting pictures of my guns.


~ by jenzai on July 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Summertime”

  1. lots and lots more photos please!

  2. She’s like a little mini-jenny

  3. Summer is truly a fun/maddening tiome. Love the two new teeth!

  4. That’s ridiculously adorable.

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