Scout’s Birthday!

I can hardly believe that she is already two. I was looking at some of her birth photos today and it’s amazing to me how much she looked like herself from the moment she was born.

I bought her an obscenely large chocolate cake to celebrate. If I can ever figure out flickr I will post some photographs of her enjoying said chocolate cake. : ) Gone are the days of sugar-free, organic cranberry orange (tastes-like-sawdust) muffins for birthday celebrations…


~ by jenzai on April 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Scout’s Birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday Scout! Really cannot believe it has been two years, really, really cannot believe that babyhood is now pretty much behind her like that. But what an amazing birth it was! And how chocolate cake worthy! GIve her an extra kiss for me.

  2. Hey Jenny,

    I’m glad you like my blog. I like yours too! Yes, the focus is different but equally important! I can’t believe how big Scout is and how long her hair is. The chocolate cake sounds yummy.

    Thanks for linking to my blog. Can I link to yours? I haven’t figured out how to respond to comments on my blog. Do I write another comment below or go to the person’s blog? I’m sure more experienced bloggers know what to do.


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